In partnership with ambisafe
space x 30.50 eur
economic interest
via USPX smart-contracts
available now
minimal investment: 1 token
10 USPX track the value of 1 share
of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.
airbnb 17.99 eur
economic interest
via UAIR smart-contracts
minimal investment: 5 tokens
10 UAIR track the value of 1 share
of Airbnb, Inc.
raison 10.00 eur
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coming soon
minimal investment: 10 tokens
1 RSN represents a part of the Note
of RSN Finance OÜ.
coming soon
minimal investment: from 100 eur
coming soon
minimal investment: from 100 eur
coming soon
minimal investment: from 100 eur
More products will be available soon...

How it works

Where to trade

The tokens are listed on multiple decentralized trading platforms.
When company goes public, token holders will have a cash out event.

Who owns the tokens

Each token is owned by you and only you. We take commissions
and don’t own anything you purchase.

What about the price

Token price is set based on the price of the share of the company.
You get the price for your own tokens during trades.


Tokenizing your shares is an easy way for people to invest in your
company! If you are looking for possibilities to attract funds quickly,
this is the best way to do it. And we can help you with it!

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Why us

Tokenizing Private Equity Starting with SpaceX

Our priority is the safety of your money.
All operations are fully compliant
with all necessary regulations

With our innovative approaches, we will
create smart financial market, based on
individual automated risk profiling

We eliminate the over-flooded market
of financial services and information.
Everything is available in one app

We are proud of our transparent and clear
operations. The tokens are owned
personally by you and only you

Our aim is to provide our customers with
real access to all payment services to build
their way in the finance world

By eliminating all the boundaries, we give
the opportunity for everyone to become
financially independent

  • FAQ

    A self-executing contractual state stored on the blockchain which allows trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.

    The issue for investors with small and medium capital is a barrier to entry in the IPO market for large-cap companies. By implementing the Ethereum blockchain protocol and fractioning a share in the company, Pre-IPO tokens can be purchased with a low entry ticket as 100 EUR.

    A market where investors buy and sell securities they already own, and it is not as institutionalized as the primary private equity market. Interest in this market has been rapidly increasing as private equity funds diversify their strategies.

    For now, the tokens are not available for the purchase by citizens and residents of the US, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, and Gibraltar and people below the age of 18.

    The token is a particular cryptocurrency unit, issued on a blockchain, converting the rights to assets with economic value into a digital asset. The token sale is an offering of tokens for selling to the public, subject to applicable laws, in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc) or fiat (USD, EUR).

    The fund will sell underlying shares and distribute proceeds among token holder cryptocurrency wallets. Token holders are not shareholders of the company and do not get any voting or information rights from the company

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    We’ll notify you as soon as you get access to this product. In the meantime, sign up for an account to start investing.